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A Tender Rebellion: Rural Futures Summit

Written by Nhatt Nichols, December 1st, 2023"I feel like those who are most marginalized and those who are most vulnerable should have the right to be able to find some sense of healing, some sense of grace in the natural world. Because that is what healed me." - Mai'a Williams

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SHIFT~, an experimental performance salon, presents ‘Migration’ August 13

Published by Winona Post, July 28th, 2021 - "Their studio, curatorial and research-based practice weaves together their identity as a queer Muslim and a daughter of First Nations and Black American lineages, as well as their experience as a midwife and a mother."

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Revolutionary Mothering: Mai’a Williams at the Edinburgh Anarchist Feminist Bookfair

Live streamed reading and discussion, May 30th, 2021 - "Marginalized mothers--poor mothers, queer mothers, single mothers, Black and Brown mothers, Native mothers, teen mothers, etc.--we mamas are the ones who are often blamed by mainstream discourse for the economic destruction and ecological degradation that is happening to this planet and human communities We are blamed for the very collapse of societies globally. We are not the ones destroying the earth... We are not the ones destroying the earth, we are liberatory, resistance communities that are humanity's best chance for humans and nonhumans to survive into the next century." - Mai'a Williams in This Is How We Survive: Revolutionary Mothering, War, and Exile in the 21st Century

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What really makes us safe? Lab for Alternatives to Police & Prisons

"What really makes us safe?" Project in Berlin, July 19th, 2017 - "The "What really makes us safe?" Project looks at how the state in Germany (police, Fortress Europe border regime, etc.) doesn't make us safe from sexual violence & intimate partner violence. It offers tools for community-based alternatives and asks us to imagine - what would real safety look like for me and for us?"

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Laura Flanders Show: Revolutionary Mothering

Laura Flanders show published on Telesur, May 2nd, 2016 - "On this special Mother’s day episode, guest host Alexis Pauline Gumbs explores revolutionary mothering with a panel of guests including China Martens, Mai’a Williams, Lisa Factora-Borchers, Victoria Law, and Cynthia Dewi Oka."

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‘Radical caretaking’: Poet, activist Mai’a Williams on building real communities

Written by Marcia Ratliff, April 3rd, 2016 - "Mai’a Williams’s life could be described many ways, but boring is not one of them.

The thirty-something is a journalist, poet, human rights worker, artist, midwife, and mom. She’s lived in Palestine, southern Mexico, Egypt, Ecuador, and Germany. Her home base for the past year has been Winona, though she admitted the town is a little quiet for her taste."

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Revolutionary Mothering: Love on the Frontlines (Conversation #1 Guerilla Mama Mai'a)

Published by Alexis Gumbs, May 11th, 2015 - "Alexis Pauline Gumbs and Mai'a Williams (two of the three co-editors of Revolutionary Mothering) in a one on one conversation on moving from the shorelines to the frontlines, mothering, zines, transnational fairy godmothering and more."

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